Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monsters in the Closet

Every person has their own version of a monster in the closet. For some people the thing that scares them the most is their dirty dishes. For others, its their mail. For me, its the closets.

I've been feeling really positive about my accomplishments while flying, until I got to the closets.

(Cue scary drum music!)

I think part of my fear came from my inability to fold shirts into perfect squares like my mom and therefore, my inability to have piles stay in their piles. In other words, my closets are a mess! I've tried everything from drawers to baskets to containers to hiring someone to help me.

I still don't know how to fold.

So instead of closing the closet doors and ignoring them, which really would have made my week so much easier, I went into problem solving mode. I contacted every one  I could think of for suggestions on how to organize my closets.

The answer came from a most unlikely source -- the hardware store.

I went to the hardware store yesterday to get something on my list when something caught my eye -- it was the bins that they use to hold the various pieces of hardware from plumbing to tools. They are open in the front, stackable, and sturdy. And even better, they came in many sizes! So I asked the guy if I could buy them. He said no. Could I order them? He said no. He wanted to know what I wanted them for. I told him to organize my kids' clothing closets. He laughed at me.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked onto the bins and took down any information I could find and decided I would Google them later.

I Googled them. The crazy thing was, the factory was less than an hour from my house! So I called them and asked if I could buy them. They actually said yes!!!

So I made my way over there today, totally incredulous at my good fortune. The bins are awesome, and maybe one day I'll even learn how to properly fold a shirt!

So, while there may be monsters in the closets, at least there are no monsters in MY closets anymore!

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  1. hahaha we're the same way. we went a different route, though. we hung EVERYTHING that could hang. including kidlet's stuff. if it isn't socks or underpants, it goes on a hanger. including long johns and pajamas. now if i could only gind a place to hang towels and sheets....