Monday, August 8, 2011

Master Procrastinator!

I started writing this blog post over a week ago. It was the day I had done my first "Weekly Home Blessing." For those who don't know, a weekly home blessing is basically a very quick overview of cleaning your house, it takes only about an hour to do, and it gives you smiles all day long.

I had looked around my house and I could not stop smiling. I just felt like I was on top of the world. My mood was contagious -- to myself. I felt so good on the outside of my body, that I decided to feel good on the inside too. But somehow, this led to the craziest week of procrastinating.

I started to do some major exercise. In the past two years, I have moved three times. And all three moves, for one reason or another, were quite major. Since that first move two years ago, I have lost over 30 pounds. The bulk of it, however, was in the past ten weeks.Yet because of the most recent move, my exercise had been put on hold.

This most recent move changed our terrain significantly. Previously we were living in a very dry climate, with very flat land. It was so easy for me to walk six miles at a time because there was no incline. Now, however, I live on the mother of all mountains, with humidity. I want to pass out after only one mile!

I was determined this week to conquer these monster hills. I've been walking and walking and walking. I'd only stop to take a drink of water or work out at the local exercise park. I've been feeling great. My home, on the other hand, has been missing me.

I decided what my home needed was a bit of crisis cleaning. I immediately invited a family of seven over for dinner. By doing that, I knew that I'd have to take care of my neglected home. I was right. They said yes, so I quickly washed my disgusting sink full of dishes, cleaned the tables and floor and was ready for company.

Now, I'm back on track, and ready for anything :-)