Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Beautiful Toilets

When we were first married, my husband and I struck a deal. He was to clean the toilets, and I would handle everything else.

What a stupid arrangement that was! Besides for the fact that I was left with doing basically everything, I didn't have a clue how to keep house.

For years, I kind of skirted around the issue that I couldn't keep a house in order. Our first apartment, we had very few things -- no one noticed that it was a mess. We then moved, had a kid, got a load of crap and the clutter began.... However, with only one kid, and a baby at that, she didn't really make a mess.

We moved from that place after a year, so I was able to start from scratch again.

Things started getting tricky the following year. We were living in a duplex apartment, with a toddler, higher income, and therefore, even more crap. We started to feel very squished into our two bedroom apartment. But before things got really out of hand, we moved again. This time, we moved into my parents house so my husband could finish school.

We were there for over three years. My bedroom was a disaster. But thankfully, most of our belongings were in storage, so all the clutter, wasn't necessarily my own.

We moved again. This time, far away from both my parents and in laws. And this time, was with two kids. We moved into a tiny two bedroom house. After the truck came with all of our belongings, we realized just how little space we actually had.

The landscape of our house was filled with all the boxes that didn't fit inside!

It was in this very house, that the flylady first waved her magic wand.

Two moves later, and my husband has a job that takes him out of town quite often. He is definitely no longer home to take care of the one job he agreed to all those years ago. So, with a lot of coaching from the flylady, I've decided I can tackle the toilets on my own.

I was terrified.

I had some company over the weekend. Our first real company since our epic (and mostly successful) toilet training. The toilets, and bathrooms in general, needed so much work.

I listened to the flylady's podcast about cleaning toilets. I pumped myself up -- ready to wear a mask if I had to, and tackled those toilets.

I know it sounds so funny, but MY TOILETS ARE SO PRETTY!!!!!

I conquered the impossible! And now, my husband is officially fired from his one job!


  1. haha! you're so cute. can you come and do my toilets? ;)

  2. that would be.... no. but thanks for that lovely offer :-P

  3. That was great!!!! But you might want to find him another job, I am sure he can be useful somewhere around the house....