Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Found My Kitchen Table!

For the past few days, I've been posting the updates of our toilet training adventures. And while it was incredibly humorous watching my naked son, with his lime green crocs, whizzing past my room all day long on his sister's hot pink scooter, today's post is about me.

I found my kitchen table! While this may be a normal thing for people not be missing, for me it is a huge deal. Since July of 2009 we had been living in a doll house. It was a house so small that it fit the kids toys and not much else. We were completely squished. And while we did move in January 2011, it was to a house the exact same size. Somehow, we were never really able to fit our furniture into these homes. So much so, that we really only opened our folding table when we had company. Normally, we ate on the couch.

You can imagine my delight when we found our new apartment and it had a built in breakfast table in the kitchen.  To me, it meant that we would ALWAYS have a table open -- no matter how much crap we tried to jam into our home.

We moved in almost three weeks ago. It's been slow with the unpacking, and I'm okay with that. But it was really nice when tonight, I finally finished putting away everything from our kitchen table!

I am so excited to have breakfast in the morning!