Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Adventures of Captain Underpants -- I Mean Captain No-Pants

Day three in our toilet training adventure has come and gone. Actually, it was gone a lot sooner than it should have been as I gave in and put a diaper on too early this afternoon. Though despite my giving in, DS2 definitely learned something today.

We started our day as we have been this week. Wake up, get changed, eat breakfast and then strip my son. As soon as he was in his birthday suit he ran to his potty. Albeit, he only ran there because he knew I'd put his favorite video on for him to watch, but still, he was excited to go there.

I've found that he could stay accident free for a couple of hours, and since I know his schedule, I decided to unpack the house a bit more. This was why I wasn't near him for his accident.

All of a sudden, I heard my son screaming for me, "Mommy!!!!" He ran to me. And while holding and pointing to himself, he said, "Water! There!"

Well, first I started laughing at the image before me. But when I started to calm down, I realized that even though he had an accident, he made huge progress. It was the first time he was conscious of the fact that he had an accident!

Well later in the morning, he came crying to me, "Mommy, come look!" I went with him to look and lo and behold, he had peed in his potty! YAY!!!! Of course, he couldn't get over the fact that he "made a mess" but we'll fix that... When I finally got him to stop crying, he knew the next part was to empty the potty in the bathroom. He wanted to do it himself!

I guess with everything you have to take babysteps.


  1. Aren't you glad that you can experience this one all by yourself? See? You are so grown up that you don't need my help anymore!

  2. Treat yourself as gently as you try to treat him. Potty training doesn't happen overnight, I think you and he are doing great! BTW I have 4 and also felt totally intimidated about potty training -- to the point where my last was trained by my oldest because I had procrastinated so long!!