Sunday, July 24, 2011

Caution: Speed Bumps Ahead

I started my morning so optimistic. I was totally on a roll. I'm on a great weight-loss streak, I feel good, I got dressed, cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned the living room, got the kids dressed and set off for our day. But as we all know, life never turns out the way we plan. That is the understatement of the year.

As we left the house this morning and approached our car, I realized that one of the back seats was down and I would have to do a bit of maneuvering to put it back up. Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed the can of flat tire foam that my husband had left in the car. As I was locking the seat into place, I knocked the can of foam which then proceeded to spray in every direction. My son started to cry. My daughter started to scream. I, and the many neighbors outside, started to laugh.

I quickly ran inside to change, but not before snapping a picture of my clothing first!

One would think that laughing about that would set the stage for a great day. I was wrong.

I dropped my daughter off at a friend, ran to pick up some essentials at the grocery store, and then went home with my son.

He was great at first. I had him stripped completely, and he chose to stay seated on his potty for hours. I gave him snacks, drinks, lunch, and anything he wanted. He was content and he let me know that he needed to use the toilet. Unfortunately, he was afraid and only wanted a diaper. But I held him off the diaper. A while later, he got up from his post to ask me for some grapes. As he was going back to his "seat" I heard splashing on the floor.


He cried. He hates messes. But he helped me clean it up and we went back on with our day.

About a half hour later, he was sitting on his potty and "accidentally" wet it. He cried then too. He was so upset that he wet his potty! But I was so proud of him! So I cheered for him, and clapped for him, and encouraged him.

I wish I could go on to tell you how great the rest of the day went. But it didn't. We ended up with a few more "spills" on the floor -- both from him, and the extra special drinks I gave him today.

He ended up trying to fall asleep on the couch in the late afternoon which is when I finally gave in and gave him a diaper.

I had hoped that even though it was not a great eating day for him, it would have been a great eating day for me. But it wasn't. I ended up eating all the same crap he ate. 

Now, the kids are in bed, and I'm left feeling gross after eating like a 2 year old, and I have to wash the stickiest floor in the planet.

On the bright side, tomorrow is a new day.


  1. Tomorrow is definitely a new day. Let's hope it stays dry!

  2. Oh oh oh Friday is Magic Potty Day here - the day I have appointed for teaching Llama, because by Sept 1 we must be dry dry dry.

    Now I am filled with dread.

    Hmm, not very encouraging, am I? You're awesome tho!

  3. I am nervous myself. I tried the other day to do it with my daughter (she's been on the potty - both #1 and #2 - before but not consistently). She'll be 3 in two months and I'm hoping she might go to school one of these days and she'll need to be potty trained. She pretty much went potty first thing in the morning and then we put on big girl undies (and a pair of training undies once). She lasted without peeing until past noon but she peed in them instead of getting up to go to the potty. This pretty much was the case through 4 pairs of undies. After that (at her late afternoon nap), I just gave up and put a Pull-up on her. I'm really not sure how people do this especially since we have very little bare floors (most are rugged or carpeted) and she likes to climb and sit on the upholstered chairs and couches and I don't want accidents on them.

  4. I actually used this book "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day" by Nathan Azrin, on the recommendation of our pediatrician for DD7. But my son is not cooperating the way I want him to...