Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ewww.... Who Would Eat Lentils???

I hate lentils. I mean, I REALLY hate lentils. And amazingly enough, somehow I found myself eating them yesterday.

Part of taking control of my home has been taking control of my kitchen. And I don't cook, so this was a challenge. I decided to have a friend give me some lessons. It ended up being only one lesson. But that lesson, surprisingly gave me enough confidence to not be afraid of my kitchen. A huge step....

Another friend of mine, has taken pity on us. Being that I was totally overwhelmed in our house, and totally stressed out by the fact that we had less than two weeks to move, she started inviting us over for meals. Many meals. It was at her house that I started eating weird things.

I've always been one to try everything. But I wasn't one to cook everything.  But after my cooking lesson, I learned a valuable lesson. Kids learn to eat and to enjoy the foods that you put in front of them. I definitely noticed this to be true with my six year old daughter who now likes onions, mushrooms and broccoli. So if it works with kids, why not try with adults as well.

So I made a lentil salad yesterday. And while I wasn't so daring to put all the cumin in it that the recipe called for, and instead I added a drop of orange juice and some sugar, it was actually good.

So while lentils may never be my favorite thing, I've learned that with the right flavors, ANYTHING can be yummy.

And I can't wait to try something new.


  1. You are right! Add sugar and almost anything can be yummy. I mean, you are talking about lentils you know. I am not sure if sugar is enough!

  2. Your title intrigued me and your starting point got me nodding and while I am so proud of you for eating/enjoying lentils, I am not sure that I could join you in a bowl of lentil salad!! Amy